Sight2Save works in partnership with some incredible organisations worldwide.

Partnerships are crucial to making a good long term difference and having the greatest impact when it comes to programme success.

Sight2Save recognises the importance of long term partnerships and working collaboratively towards a common end goal with other similar organisations that committed to helping others that are living with Refractive Error.

All the work that we do to tackle Refractive Error is long term and sustainable, each location and partnership where Sight2Save is active and has a presence has a minimum commitment of ten to fifteen years.

Sight2Save will support that region, hospital, school or charity for a minimum of ten years, resulting in the greatest impact for everyone involved. We don’t just begin having an impact then leave, it is important that local medical professionals can be trained to help tackle Refractive Error in addition.

Sight2Save welcomes the opportunity to form new long term and strategic partnerships with new partners worldwide. If you are interested and wanting to know more about working with Sight2Save and creating a partnership with us, please email


Hawaiian Eye Foundation (HEF) is an I.R.S. 501(c)(3) public charity. Established in Hawai’i in 1984, HEF is dedicated to promoting optimal eye care for unserved and underserved people in rural communities. The Foundation’s programs include eye surgery and training expeditions to the Pacific, Caribbean and South America; ophthalmology training conferences in Viet Nam and Myanmar; and the establishment of self-sustainable clinics in Tonga, Fiji, Palau, Bahamas and the Dominican Republic. HEF is known for compassionate and quality eye care for the blind and impoverished¬†in the Pacific, but has now grown to serve wherever the need is greatest. (