Our Targets

Sight2Save has one sole aim – to treat the millions of people living with Refractive Error worldwide.

One aim, one vision – a world that is free from Refractive Error, which is one of the largest overlooked health crises in the world right now with around one billion people needing a pair of specs.


Our main targets for Sight2Save are as follows:

- Provide access to adequate eyecare for those living within isolated and rural areas within developing countries.

- Using the “power of flight” to save sight worldwide.

- Establish long term partnership programmes for saving sight in Morocco, Fiji, Micronesia, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Tanzania.

- Having over 100,000 used specs and sunglasses tracked via the Sight2Save glasses donation process by the end of 2021.

- Training of local medical professionals within each region that Sight2Save visits.

- Have the “World’s First” Flying Eye Opticians (FEO) fully operational and flying on its first sight saving mission by the end 2020.

- Working with more governments and NGO’s worldwide to provide long term support for treating Refractive Error and providing access to adequate eye care for those living in rural and isolated areas.

- Working with additional optical and aviation related corporate partners and sponsors who share our vision here at Sight2Save.