What We Treat

Here at Sight2Save we are currently only focused on treating Refractive Error worldwide.

We believe it is one the world’s most overlooked health crises in the world at present, with some estimating that around one billion people need a pair of specs.

Refractive Error is a disorder in the irregularity of the eyes shape – cannot be prevented but once diagnosed can be cured with a pair of glasses.

With your glasses…

Used glasses can be reused to help treat avoidable blindness worldwide and in particular Refractive Error, it is that simple.

Sight2SaveThere are thousands of people who have a pair of old glasses that are no longer worn and that are now just sitting there. There are an estimated 153 million people living with Refraction Error worldwide.


When you donate a pair of used glasses, you will receive a glasses tracking code that will enable you to receive updates and images from where your glasses ended up and who with! From the bottom of your wardrobe to a child or farther in an isolated or rural area within developing country…


If you would like to send us a pair of used glasses or sunglasses, please email info@sight2save.org – thank you for your support.




Sight2Save relies heavily on the support from the many opticians and optical related businesses around the world.

From collecting used glasses in aid of Sight2Save, the support from these opticians has been incredible so far.

The more support that we continue to receive – the more lives we can change and the more people who can be free from Refractive Error.

If you are part of an opticians or an optical related business and would like to support Sight2Save and the work we do to tackle Refractive Error worldwide then please email the Sight2Save team at info@sight2save.org.

Please note Sight2Save cannot accept donations from members of the public at present.