Flying Eye Hospital

Sight2Save has decided that we would like to achieve our target of helping treat the number of people that are living with Refractive Error worldwide through the “World’s First” Flying Eye Opticians (FEO).

This “Flying Icon of Hope” aircraft will enable our Sight2Save volunteer opticians to treat Refractive Error in well lit and manageable conditions – instead of working in damp, dark and overcrowded huts.

Sight2Save Aircraft Livery

The flight operations Sight2Save perform will create aviation history – a flying force for good between two of mankind’s greatest industries – aviation and medical.

Our Sight2Save aircraft is more than just any other aircraft, our aircraft is a flying icon of hope for those living with Refractive Error worldwide.

If you are from an optical or aviation background and would like to become involved in Sight2Save, please contact James Moon himself at for further details thank you.

Alexander McDiarmid Design - Sight2Save - B747 Provisional LOPA