Donate your used glasses

Your used glasses can be reused to help treat avoidable blindness worldwide and in particular Refractive Error.

There are thousands of people who have pairs of old glasses that are no longer worn, that are now just sitting gathering dust in a draw or cupboard somewhere.

There are an estimated 153 million people, some actually put that number at around a billion people that are living with Refraction Error worldwide. The glasses that you no longer have a use for can be instead used to help this global health crisis that should not exist in this day and age.

When you donate a pair of used glasses, you will receive a tracking code that will enable you to receive updates and images from where your glasses ended up and who received them – making the entire specs donation process transparent and easy.

From the bottom of your wardrobe to a child or farther in a developing country…

If you would like to donate us a pair of used glasses, then please email the Sight2Save team at thank you in advance for your support.

The Spec Process